Delco D300 4 cylinder negative earth


  • ZPO K25
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Designed to fit the Delco D300 Distributor which can be found in Bedford, Fiat, FSO, Lancia, Panther, Saab, Seat, Triumph and Vauxhall cars.

Vauxhall vehicles that use the Delco D300 include:

Vauxhall VX 1800cc, 2300cc
Vauxhall Viva 1600cc, 1800cc, 2000 GT, 2300cc,
Vauxhall Victor 1600cc, 1800cc, 2000cc, 2300cc
Vauxhall Magnum 1800cc, 2300cc
Vauxhall Firenza 1800cc, 2300cc

It was also used in the following:

Saab 99 1700cc 1850cc 2300cc,
Fiat 1500 1471cc 1481cc,
FSO 125p 1295cc 1481cc
Polonez MK2 1481cc
Lancia Fulvia 1298cc
Triumph Dolomite 1850cc & TR7 2000cc


- To be used with a coil resistance above 1.5 ohms only
 MUST be used with silicone HT leads, NOT COPPER. Click here to browse our range of HT leads.

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