Vintage flat wiper blades with peg - 8 or 9 inch


  • 8 inch : ZTE B00108-LISTING
  • 9 inch : ZTE B00109-LISTING
Tax included.

New vintage/classic flat wiper blades by Tex Automotive. (the original manufacturers from the U.K.)

8" or 9" long complete with plug for attaching to the wiper arm.  Price is per blade.

These are newly made, so the rubber is fresh and soft. "New Old Stock" wipers are to be avoided due to the old rubber not working as well.

Suit all early Chevrolet, Packard, Ford, Buick, REO, Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, Renault, Austin, Morris.

Also suit kit cars like Lotus, Chevron, Lietch, etc.

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