Delco 6 cylinder negative earth


  • ZAC KIT 11
Tax included.

Hall effect electronic conversion that replaces points & condenser in the Delco 6 distributor, D200/D204.

Improves starting/running and MPG. Easy to fit and maintenance free.

Price for ignition kit only.

This conversion will suit:
Triumph GT6 and Vitesse with Delco distributors, D200/D204.
Vauxhall Cresta 2700cc 3300cc, Viscount 3300cc, Victor 3000cc, Ventora 3300cc
Triumph Vitesse inc convertible 1600cc 2000cc, GT6 2500cc
Bedford CD.

Car must be negative earth and have a coil with more 1.5 ohms resistance (recommend 3.0 ohm). Also should be used with suppressed carbon leads, not copper.

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