Ford Anglia and Consul Side Entry Electronic Distributor - Negative Earth


  • ZPO D16
Tax included.

25D electronic distributor with Ford specific drive gear, moulded Powermax rotor arm and side entry (screw underneath) distributor cap.

Used for the Ford Anglia and Consul with a side entry cap.

Ignition suitable for 12V or 6V vehicle wiring. (neg earth)

Ford Consul II 1958-1962
Ford Zephyr 4 1966-1968
Ford Consul 1951-1955
Ford Consul 1951-1962
Ford Anglia 100E 1953-1959 Side valve
Ford 300E 5cwt & 7cwt Van 1954 to 1961 Side valve
Ford 100E Anglia & Popular 1953 to 1962 Side valve
Ford 100E Prefect 1953 to 1962 Side valve
Ford 100E Escort & Squire 1955 to 1961

Price is for distributor only.

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