55 amp Alternator 18 ACR Lucas Replacement


  • Left Hand : ZBO BAO3058
  • Right Hand : ZBO BAO3129
Tax included.

After-market high output Lucas replacement 18ACR / LRA100 - 55 Amp alternator.

Suit most cars with original Lucas and some Bosch alternators - comes in left or right mount. Mounting can be changed to other side by removing casing bolts and turning front casing.

- 12v
- 55Amp
- Brand new unit
- Complete with fan & pulley
- Two wire hook up, a positive to any of the B+ terminals and a warning light feed to the IND terminal

Replaces all ACR type Lucas alternators.

Three terminal plug sold separately here

Internal distance between mounts 86mm,
External distance between mounts 106mm (lug width 10mm each)
Pitch circle diameter between mounting and adjusting lugs 144mm
Mounting bolt hole size 8mm
Pulley outer diameter 67mm
Pulley groove v-belt 9.5mm at widest - fits A section belts

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