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Many internally regulated alternators are wired for 5 electrical terminals.
The 5 terminal alternator design is obsolete and is now replaced by a 3 terminal type.
The following wiring instructions, provided by Lucas, outline the conversion procedure from the ‘5 terminal’ to ‘3 terminal’ type.

  1. Disconnect Battery.
  2. Cut off wiring terminal plugs from alternator wiring.
  3. Remove and discard link wire (see illus. below).
  4. Remove wiring harness tape approximately 1 inch.
  5. Slide small insulator over remaining IND wire (brown/yellow), and solder to the small terminal.
  6. Slide large insulator over positive lead wire (brown/white), and solder to the large terminal.
  7. Separately tape back onto harness, the brown and black wires not used as they are no longer required.
  8. Connect the small brown/yellow IND wire to the small terminal on the alternator.
  9. Connect the large brown/white positive lead to either of the two large terminals on the alternator.
  10. Re-connect the battery.

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