Nippon Denso 4 cylinder negative earth


  • ZAC KIT 38
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Top quality electronic ignition conversion to suit all 4 cyl Toyota with Nippon Denso distributor, GD207 points as per image on listing.

  • Gives more power - better running - no maintenance - less fuel used.
  • Twelve month warranty (subject to conditions)
  • Replaces points and condensor, fully self contained in the dist. As easy to fit as a set of points!

To suit:

1971 4-cyl Corolla 1600
1971-76 4-cyl Corolla 1200
1972 4-cyl Corona MK II
1972-74 4-cyl Carina, Celica, Corolla 1600, Corona
1975-76 4-cyl Corolla 1600
1975-77 4-cyl Celica, Corona

Toyota Industrial
All 4-cyl FG-25, FGC-15, FGC-25, 2FGC-20
All 4-cyl 3-FG-10, 3-FG-15; 3-FGC-20, 3FGC25; 4-FGC-20, 4-FGC-25
All 4-cyl 02-FG-25, 02-FGC-10, 02-FGC-15, 02-FGC-20
All 4-cyl 02-FGC-25, 40-FG-20, 42-FG-20
All 4-cyl FGC-10 (5R engine)

All 4-cyl 4P, 5R engines

Price is for kit only, recommend upgrading coil to avoid damage to ignition. Last image example only of how the kit fits in a distributor.

Also needs to have modern carbon H.T. leads

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