SU Electric Fuel Pump - Dual Polarity - MGB, Jaguar


  • ZMOE AZX1307
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For one x HP AZX1307 Electric Fuel Pump 12V - Dual Polarity.

High pressure 12 Volt with minimum flow of 56 litres per hour - pressure 2.7 psi.

Popular applications: Jaguar & Daimler models fitted with SU fuel pumps. MGB (alternator models) Triumph Stag.

Description from SU:
The AZX 1300 series pump is a high capacity adaptation of the AUF 200/1200, the pump body having been redesigned to incorporate a flow-smoothing unit and an air bottle.

The flow-smoothing unit consists of a diaphragm and housing situated above the delivery chamber and outlet passage. Fuel pressure pulsations are damped by the air contained in the housing, resulting in a reduction of flow pressure variations and an increase in output for a given rate of operation.

A large compartment formed in the inlet side of the pump acts as an air cushion and smoothes the pressure pulsations of the incoming fuel; it also prevents high negative pressure being created in the pump body.

L and HP Type Pumps
The type L and HP pumps are the predecessors of the other single pump designs. The type L is a suction pump intended to be mounted close to the engine, whereas the HP type is designed to be mounted near the fuel tank at the rear of the vehicle.

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