Motorcraft 4 & 6 Cylinder Rotor Arm


  • ZPO R13
Tax included.

Red rotor arm suitable for all Ford Motorcraft / Fomoco 4 and 6 cylinder distributors.   Has a modern design for improved performance and durability and is fitted with an internal steel spring clip for an extra secure fit.

Iconic classic cars that feature this rotor arm include the Ford Capri, Consul, Corsair, Cortina and TVR Tamar. It's also suitable for some Reliant and Morgan cars.

This rotor arm replaces the following part numbers:

Ford 26726, 623388
Ford 1444043, 5004901
Ford 5004902, 5004907
Ford 5014405, A780X12200CA
Ford A780X12200DA, A780X12200JA
Ford A850X12200AA, C7AH12200A
Ford D5FZ12200A, DORY12200A
Holden GA77

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