Mini / Austin / A series Performance Double Silicone HT Leads 8mm


  • Blue : ZPO L022BLUE
  • Red : ZPO L022RED
  • Black : ZPO L022BLACK
  • Yellow : ZPO L022YELLOW
Tax included.

Set of 8mm Performance Powerspark Silicone HT leads suitable for 4 A Series and A Series Plus 4 cylinder engines.

Suitable for many different vehicles that use the A Series or A Series Plus engines.

Fitting includes:
Austin Mini, Metro, Allegro 1.3, Morris Minor, Ital 1.3, Marina 1.3, Reliant Kitten, Wolseley Hornet and more.

These leads use double silicone insulation surrounding a carbon ferroflex core for maximum spark transfer and minimal power loss. This combination gives you a strong, reliable, long lasting HT lead that’s perfect for use with electronic ignition.

Available in Black, Red, Yellow or Blue - select colour from options to view availability and to choose preferred.

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