Electronic Distributor | Austin 7 | DK4A


  • ZAC DK4A
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Brand new reproduction Lucas DK4A ignition distributor with Hall Effect Electronic pickup.

The original DK4A Distributor was fitted to Austin 7 and Big 7 cars from 1934 to 1939, meaning owners of these cars can now buy an off the shelf electronic ignition system complete with the entire distributor. It is available as both positive and negative earth. (NEG EARTH SUPPLIED)

Ask if you require positive earth.

Great quality product from the UK.  Improve performance, startup, economy.

Price for distributor only, also recommend coil and lead upgrade with this ignition.

Recently developed, this model replaces distributors with product code Lucas DK4A.

Suitable for Austin 7 models from 1934 to 1939. 6v or 12v.

This model features clockwise rotating drive gear (CW). Please check whether your drive gear runs clockwise (CW) or counter clock wise (CCW)

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