Genuine SU AZX1308EN Negative Earth Electronic Fuel Pump 12v 3.8 psi


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This genuine SU AZX1308EN high pressure electronic fuel pump. Suitable for 12v Negative earth systems only.

AZX1308 series can be found on Jaguar E-types, Mk2, 420, MK10 and S-types plus many other British cars of the mid 1960s and later.

The SU AZX1308 can develop up to 3.8psi.

- 18" max suction lift from bottom of tank to pump
- Electronic - negative earth only
- Between 2 - 3.8 PSI
- Not suitable for front bulkhead engine bay "pull" fitment with 1/4BSP screw type pipe fittings

Suitable as a rear boot mounted "push" pump with bango type fittings.

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