Early Ford E93A Engine with YE12100B Distributor - negative erth


  • ZPO K39
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Electronic Ignition Upgrade for your early Ford E93A Engine with YE12100B Distributor.

Improve your performance, better starting and running, fuel economy from improved spark.

Ford Model 19, Y 1932 to 1937
Ford Model 20, C & CX 1934 to 1937
Ford Eight, Model 7Y 1937 to 1939
Ford Ten, Model 7W 1937 to 1939
Ford Anglia, Model E04A 1939 to 1948
Ford Prefect, Model E93A 1939 to 1948
Ford Anglia, Model E494A 1949 to 1953
Ford Prefect, Model E493A 1949 to 1953
Ford Popular, Model 103E/104E 1953 to 1959
Ford 5 cwt. Van, Model E04C 1940 to 1948
Ford 5 cwt. Van, Model E494C 1949 to 1954con
Ford 10 cwt. Van, Model E83W 1938 to 1957
Ford Estate Car, Model E83W 1949 to 1957
Ford Pick-up, Model E83W 1950 to 1957

It is suitable for early Ford Anglias, Populars and Prefects.

Please check your distributor first to ensure this is the right kit for you.

Used in conjunction with our standard points type coil this ignition kit will improve your engines ignition system and fuel economy too. Rated between 6v and 12v Negative earth applications.

  • Negative earth
  • Recommended for use with matching coil 6v or 12v.
  • Suitable only for use with carbon type leads, not copper core.
  • Full 12 month warranty (subject to conditions).

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