Electronic distributor conversion for Lucas 25D4/DM2 - negative earth


  • ZAC KIT 04
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Lucas 25D4 and DM2 Distributor electronic upgrade kit as per first image, distributor shows how kit looks when installed.

The Lucas 25D Distributor was fitted to many classic vehicles from Austin, Hillman, Land Rover, MG, Morris, Reliant, Sunbeam, Triumph, Vanden Plas and Wolseley.

Price is for conversion kit only.

Hall effect conversion to replace points & condensor. Suit most British cars from 1934 onwards with Lucas distributor.  Gives better MPG - easy starting - smoother running - no maintenance.   Negative earth and coil impeadence must be more that 1.5 ohms,

Twelve month warranty (subject to conditions).

Needs to have modern high resistance Carbon or similar type H/T leads.

Negative earth only, contact us if you have positive earth.

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