Lucas 35D 8 cylinder negative earth


  • ZPO K5
Tax included.

This kit is designed to replace the points and condenser inside a Lucas 35D Distributor as fitted to the Triumph Stag 3.0 V8.

The Lucas 35D was fitted to a wide range of vehicles, however in the Triumph Stag it has reversed rotation meaning this kit has been specially developed for fitment in the Triumph Stag 3.0 V8.

Kit also includes a new rotor.


- Easy to install
- Replaces troublesome points and condenser
- No visible difference in your engine bay
- Improved starting
- Improved performance
- Improved durability
- Maintenance free

Will only work on Negative earth system.

Coil must have a resistance reading of more than 1.5 ohms or it will burn out the unit.  Needs to have modern H.T. leads, not copper.

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