Lucas 22D6 & 25D6 6 cylinder positive earth


  • ZPO K1PP
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This Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kit is designed to replace the points and condenser inside a Lucas 22D6 & 25D6 Distributor.

The Lucas 22D6 & 25D6 Distributor was fitted to a wide variety of 6 Cyl vehicles including Aston Martin, Austin Healey, Jaguar, Land Rover, MG, Triumph, TVR and many more.

It is a complete kit to convert your car to electronic ignition, including a Powermax moulded Red Rotor Arm.

Electronic ignition will give your classic car better starting and smoother running.

Please Note - This Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kit is for positive earth vehicles only.`

This Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kit contains everything needed to convert your car from points & condenser to electronic ignition.


- Easy to install
- Replaces troublesome points and condenser
- No visible difference in your engine bay
- Improved starting
- Improved performance
- Improved durability
- Maintenance free

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