Electronic distributor Lucas 45D4 | Mini, MG, Morris, Landrover, Hillman


  • ZAC 45D4T
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Brand new Lucas type 45D4 electronic distributor to suit many British classics.

As used on the pre 80's model Mini (A series engine) along with Hillman, Landrover, Lotus, MG, Reliant, Sunbeam & Triumph.

Auction is for distributor only. To suit negative earth.

Fitted to following, among others:

Austin Allegro 1.1, 1.3, 1.5, 1.7
Austin Maxi
Austin 1800 MK2
Austin Mini 850, 1000, 1100,1275 (A Series Engines)
Hillman Avenger
Hillman Hunter
Hillman Imp
Land Rover Series III
Lotus Elite
Lotus Eclat
Lotus Esprit
MG Midget
Morris Marina 1.3, 1.8
Reliant Kitten
Reliant Robin
Sunbeam Alpine Coupe
Sunbeam Rapier
Talbot Avenger 1.6
Triumph Spitfire 1500
Triumph Herald
Wolseley (All Models 1964-68)

A+ engine from 1980 on requires the Lucas 59D4 instead - click here.

Improves : starting - running - fuel consumption - power.

Needs to have modern high resistance carbon or similar type H/T leads.

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