Dynamo / Alternator replacement - C40 Long


  • Negative Earth : ZAC C40N L
  • Positive Earth : ZAC C40 L P
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This is an alternator that looks and fits like a generator.

Brilliant product, replaces the original Lucas C40L Long generator.

Available in positive or negative earth.

- Adjuster lug thickness. 10mm
- Mounting lug thickness. 10mm
- Distance between mounting lugs 154mm
- Total length 240mm
- Shaft Diameter 15mm
- Amps Output 45A
- Condition 100% New
- Adjustment lugs only come as per the photos, so adjustment lug would be at top if mounting on right hand side as looking from in front of vehicle.
- Volts 12V

Just fit your pulley, change a couple of wires, bolt it on and drive away. Includes simple instructions - very easy to fit.

Has an output rating of 45 amps - but more importantly, charges at around 22 Amps at low revs - much more efficient than the old generator!

The unit is self contained and needs no other external components. You don't need to use your regulator, but to keep things looking original you can use the original wiring, with the reg used as a link.

The C40L was found on a number of vehicles including:
Ford Consul Classic
Ford Cortina/ Lotus Twin Cam 1558cc
Ford Zephyr Zodiac ( 4+ 6 Cylinder)
Jaguar 2.4L / 240 1963 – 1969
Triumph 2000

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