Classic Mini 10mm Powercor HT Leads in Red


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Powercor 10mm 'Race Spec' HT Leads are the ultimate in HT lead technology. Where ‘standard’ HT leads are usually 8mm, the Powercor spec use a 10mm construction to make a bigger and stronger HT lead to out perform other variants.

These leads offer the ultimate in HT lead technology, and have proven very popular with owners of performance vehicles, highly tuned engines or just enthusiasts who want the very best.

Suitable for many different vehicles that use the A Series or A Series Plus engines.

Fitting includes Austin Mini, Metro, Allegro 1.3, Morris Minor, Ital 1.3, Marina 1.3, Reliant Kitten, Wolseley Hornet and more.

Lead lengths, not including end fittings:
260mm x 2
270mm x 1
275mm x 1
King lead 335mm

About Powercor HT Leads:

Powercor HT leads use double silicone insulation surrounding a carbon ferroflex core for maximum spark transfer and minimal power loss. This combination gives you a strong, reliable, long lasting HT lead that’s perfect for use with electronic ignition. These HT leads are resistant to temperature, water, oil and chemical degradation. They meet ISO 3808 quality standard.

Key Points:
- UK made HT Lead
- 10mm specification for performance applications
- Ultimate performance HT leads
- Silicone rubber insulator
- Reinforced braiding
- High tear strength silicone outer
- 250 Celcius service temperature
- 50,000 volt dielectric strength
- 2mm conductor diameter
- 200 turns per inch stainless windings

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