Auto Cable Repair Kit


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Classic and Vintage car cable repair kit, includes the following items:

- 1.6mtrs of 1.5mm dia, bowden cable with a 3.5mm to 6mm stepped nipple on one end
- 1.6mtr of 1.1mm bowden cable with 3mm nipple on one end
- 1 x 10mm dia x 20mm solderless nipple
- 1 x 8mm x 12mm solderless nipple
- 1 x 5mm x 8mm solderless nipple
- 1 x 8mm x 14mm solderless nipple with sleeve and nut
- 1 x 7.8mm x 15mm shouldered horizontal nipple for 1.5mm dia cable
- 1 x 3.5 to 6mm brass steed sleeve nipple for 1.1mm cable above
- 1 x storage tin for all parts above.

Provides cables and fittings to replace or repair your existing cables.

Especially handy to have when travelling as backup.

Has a range of fittings as shown and comes in the handy metal canister for transport.

Choke, throttle, heater, vents, bonnet, boot, cable.

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