43D4 - Ford 100E, 300E & Consul 4 Cylinder Electronic Distributor


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Ford 100E, 300E Consul & Zephyr 4 Cylinder Lucas 43D reproduction electronic distributor.

The Lucas 43D distributor is a non-vacuum version of the popular Lucas 45D distributor.

For negative earth only - can get a positive earth version if required.

This item is a direct replacement for your existing distributor with an electronic ignition module instead of traditional points.

The Lucas 45D is one of the most widely used distributors on any British classic car, and this non-vacuum advance version is often used in classic racing cars.


Ford Consul II 1958-1962
Ford Zephyr 4 1966-1968
Ford Consul 1951-1955
Ford Consul 1951-1962
Ford Anglia 100E 1953-1959 Side valve
Ford 300E 5cwt & 7cwt Van 1954 to 1961 Side valve
Ford 100E Anglia & Popular 1953 to 1962 Side valve
Ford 100E Prefect 1953 to 1962 Side valve
Ford 100E Escort & Squire 1955 to 1961

Needs to have modern high resistance carbon or similar type H/T leads - have available from $40.

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