High quality performance HT Leads - 4 cylinder


  • Black : ZPO L3BLACK
  • Blue : ZPO L3BLUE
  • Green : ZPO L3GREEN
  • Red : ZPO L3RED
  • Yellow : ZPO L3YELLOW
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High quality performance HT Leads to suit a range of vehicles including:

- Austin 1000, Allegro, Maxi, Princess
- Triumph 1300, 1500, Dolomite, Herald & Toledo
- Hillman, Singer, Sunbeam, Talbot
- MGB 4 Cylinder 1800cc
- Landrover series 1, 2 & 3

These leads are a highly generic fit, as this fitment was used across a wide range of British vehicles through the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

Lengths of the leads:

coil lead - 50mm

Available in Black, Red, Blue, Green or Yellow - use options selector to check availability and choose preferred colour.

Full list of compatible vehicles below:

Austin Allegro 1300cc 
Austin Allegro 1697cc 
Austin Princess 1798cc 
Austin 1000 Series 1100cc 
Austin 1000 Series 1300cc 
Austin 1000 Series 1300 GT 
Austin Maxi 1500cc 
Austin Maxi 1750cc 
Austin Metro 1000cc 
Austin Metro 1300cc 
Austin Metro Turbo 
Austin Mini 850cc 
Austin Mini 1000cc 
Austin Mini 1100cc 
Austin Mini 1275cc 
Austin Mini 1275 GT 
Austin Mini 1300cc 
Austin Princess 1800cc 
Austin Princess 2200cc 
Comer FC Van 
Hillman Minx 
Hillman Hunter 
Jensen Healey 
Land Rover Series 1 2250cc
Land Rover Series 2 2250cc
MG 1300 
MG MG B 1767cc 
MG MG B 1777cc 
MG MG B 1798cc 
Reliant Kitten 850cc 
Reliant Robin 750cc 
Reliant Robin 850cc 
Reliant Rialto 850cc 
Rootes Arrow 1725cc 
Singer Vogue 
Singer Gazelle 
Sunbeam Alpine 
Sunbeam Rapier 
Talbot Avenger 
Talbot Simca Sunbeam 
Triumph 1300 
Triumph 1500 
Triumph Herald 
Triumph Toledo 1300cc 
Triumph Toledo 1500cc 
Triumph Spitfire 1500cc 
Triumph Dolomite 1300cc 
Triumph Dolomite 1500cc

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